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Song lists updated 11/7/07

As those of who are not new know I collect songs with mental illness and eating disorder refences in them I have an updated lists. It's not in alphibetical order as normal because I wanted to get to lists out there but chose what songs you want from the lists and I'll see what I can do for you. I know I didn't get back to some of you last time and I'm sorry for that but I've been having computer problems for serveal months and now that it's all settled I am able to start taking music requests again but only from the lists for the moment. So here is the lists of mental illness/eating disorder songs it's very long now and getting longer. Take your time to look through request and enjoy.

1. All good things (must come to an end)- Nelly Furtado
2. Again I go unnoticed – Dashboard confessional
3. A cross and a girl named blessed – Evan’s blue
4. A scale a mirror and those indifferent clocks- Bright eyes
5. Anna begins- counting crows
6. Across the universe- Fiona Apple
7. Anthems for a 17 year old girl- Broken social sence
8. An attempt to tip the scales- Bright eyes
9. Acoustic #3- Goo goo dolls
10. Annies anorexic- Huntingtons
11. Accidental death- Rilo Kiley
12. a perfect lie- Nip tuck OST
13. Anorexic beauty-Pulp
14. Alexzander the burn victim- Scarling
15. Ana’s song- silverchair
16. A box full of sharp objects- the used
17. A littles enough- Angels and airwaves
18. Actress,model- unwritten law
19. Amy in the white coat- Bright eyes
20. Amy says – Flyleaf
21. angels fall first- Nightwish
22. Angels fuck- Jack off jill
23. Anorexia Nervosa- Suicide commando
24. Autumns monologue- from autumn to ashes
25. A few small bruises- Maria Mena
26. Boulevard of broken dreams- Greenday
27. Black balloon- Goo goo dolls
28. Beautiful like you- Joydrop
29. Bones- the killers
30. Breaking the habit- Linkin Park
31. Binge and purge- Lunachicks
32. Beautiful dastier-311
33. Big isn’t beautiful-king adrona
34. beautiful- Christina Aguliera
35. burn- Alkaline Trio
36. bleeder- Alkaline trio
37. Blue Carolina- Alkaline trio
38. Better version of me- Fiona Apple
39. Bulimic- The used
40. Bulimic beats- Catatonia
41. Bad habit- the Dresden dolls
42. Bring me to life- Evanescence
43. Breathe no more- Evanescence
44. Breathe-Earuaser
45. Breathe me-sia
46. breathe today-flyleaf
47. Bleed like me-trapt
48. bleed like me-Garbage
49. Breakdown- Breaking Benjamin
50. Beauty from pain- Superchick
51. Because I can- Katy Rose
52. Black comedy- Bright eyes
53. Broken-Seether
54. By myself- Linkin park
55. Buried a lie- Senses fail
56. Beautiful people- Marilyn Manson
57. Bother- Stone sour
58. Baby Dracula- Scarling
59. Broken record- Scarling
60. Bandaid covers the bullet hole- scarling
61. Bleeder- Zombie girl
62. Bite to break skin- Senses fail
63. Bleed it out- Linkin park
64. Cross me off your list- Hawthorne heights
65. Comfortable lair- chevelle
66. Can’t be saved- Senses fail
67. crucify- Tori Amos
68. Castle down- Emilie Autumn
69. color blind- Counting crows
70. Closer- Jimmy eat world
71. complicated- Avril Lavigne
72. Confessions of a broken heart- Lindsay Lohan
73. Concrete angel- Martina Mcbride
74. Cosmetic- My ruin
75. Creep – Radiohead
76. Creep- Scarling
77. Carnival- Natalie Merchant
78. crawling- Linkin Park
79. Cut- Plump
80. China Doll- Suzanne Vega
81. Clever meals- Tegan and Sara
82. clear hearts grey flowers- Jack off Jill
83. Comforting lie- no doubt
84. Can’t be saved- Senses fail
85. Crash and burn- Savage Garden
86. City noise- Scarling
87. Courge- Superchick
88. clumsy- Our lady peace
89. Do I have to cry for you?- Nick Carter
90. Do it for me now- Angels and airwaves
91. Don’t fear the reaper- HIM
92. Dreaming a reality- Senses fail
93. Disconnected- Trapt
94. Distant and faded- and then I turned seven
95. Dirty little secret- All Amercian Rejects
96. Down the rabbit hole- Bright eyes
97. Dairy of jane (acoustic)- Breaking Benjamin
98. Dairy of Jane- Breaking Benjamin
99. Doll parts- Hole
100. Drowning- Missy Higgins
101. Devil with a black dress on- Jack off Jill
102. Damaged- Plump
103. Don’t let me get me- Pink
104. don’t stay- Linkin Park
105. Dig Ophelia- Rasputina
106. Decembers- Hawthorne heights
107. Devil in the details- bright eyes
108. Dressed in Decay- CKY
109. Everybody’s fool- Evanescence
110. Exodus- Evanescence
111. Everytime- Britney Spears
112. Everythings just wonderful- Lily Allen
113. Extraordinary Machine- Fiona Apple
114. Everythings brown- Jack off Jill
115. Easier to run- Linkin Park
116. Emergency- Paramore
117. Everyday is a struggle- Senses fail
118. Everytime- Britney Spears
119. Empty apartment- Yellowcard
120. Flagpole Sitta- Harvey Danger
121. Farther away- Evanescence
122. Field of innocence- Evanescence
123. Fast as you can- Fiona Apple
124. Feed me- Juilanna Hatfield
125. Famous last words- My chemical Romance
126. Fallen – Sarah Mclachan
127. Final Destnation- Nine inch nails
128. Family portiart- Pink
129. Fake plastic trees- Radiohead
130. Fighter- Christina Aguliera
131. Forsaken- David Draiman
132. Failure by Designer jeans- From first to last
133. Finding myself- Smile empty soul
134. fear of dying- Jack off Jill
135. Fully alive- Flyleaf
136. Guilty- Flyleaf
137. Girl Anachronism- The Dresden dolls
138. Good day- The Dresden dolls
139. Good enough- Evanescence
140. Going under- Evanescence
141. Gothic Lolita- Emilie Autumn
142. Goodbye (I’m sorry) – And then I turned seven
143. Girl scout- Jack off jill
144. Goodbye Alice in wonderland- Jewel
145. Girl disappearing- Tori Amos
146. Glow- Katy Rose
147. Gollums Song- Emilie Torrili
148. Girls school- Rasputina
149. Girl next door- Saving Jane
150. Help me- Nick Carter
151. Here with me- Dido
152. Heart shaped box- Evanescence
153. Hollow- Submersed
154. Holy- The golden Palominos
155. Hide and seek- Imogen Heep
156. Helena- My Chemical Romance
157. Hey there Delilah- Plain white tees
158. House of secrets- Otep
159. Hurt- Nine inch nails
160. Hello – Evanescence
161. In the pertend world- Scarling
162. I want my innocence back- Emilie Autumn
163. Into the ocean- Blue Octuber
164. Iris – Counting crows
165. Imiginary- Evanescence
166. I disappear- the faint
167. I’m so sick- Flyleaf
168. I’m only happy when it rains – Garbage
169. I try- Macy Gray
170. into the darkness- Kittie
171. I never- Rilo Kiley
172. I’m with you- Avril Lavigne
173. In the end- Linkin park
174. I’m not okay(I promise)- My chemical romance
175. I want to be perfect- Nip Tuck OST
176. I can’t do this- Plumb
177. I am on your side- Hawthrone heights
178. It’s all gonna break- Broken social secene
179. it’s all over but the crying- Garbage
180. Institutionalized- Senses fail
181. Jackie’s strength- Tori Amos
182. Jukebox- Ani Difranco
183. Jennifer’s body- Hole
184. Jenny you’re barely alive- Rilo Kiley
185. Just a little bit- Maria Mena
186. Japhanese Gum- Her space holiday
187. Just wait- Blues travler
188. Juneau- Funeral for a friend
189. Keep holding on – Avril Lavigne
190. Keepin it together- Katy Rose
191. Katie – Missy Higgins
192. Lucy at the gym- Jill Soblue
193. let it bleed- The used
194. Limp – Fiona Apple
195. Liar- Emilie Autumn
196. Lua- Bright eyes
197. Lithium- Evanescence
198. Lemon- Katy Rose
199. lost in a portrait- Trapt
200. Life- Flyleaf
201. Last days of the suicide kid- Senses fail
202. Landslide- Dixie chicks
203. Like you- Evanescence
204. Lose control- Evanescence
205. Manorexic- Scarling
206. Mary- Saving Jane
207. Mary Jane- Alanis Morissette
208. Matching weight- Trepassers William
209. Me and Mia- Ted Leo and the pharamicist
210. Misery loves company- Emilie Autumn
211. medication- Garbage
212. Meds- Placebo
213. Me and bobby Mcgee- Janis Japlin
214. Mirror- Barlow girl
215. Mirror, Mirror- M2m
216. made to measure- my ruin
217. Manic- Plumb
218. Monster hospital- Metric
219. Moster hospital (remix) - Metric
220. mad world- Gary jules
221. Much like falling- Flyleaf
222. My happy ending- Avril Lavgine
223. Made of glass- Trapt
224. My December- Linkin Park
225. My direction- sum41
226. My silent undoing – Queen Adreena
227. My skin- Natalie Mechant
228. My confession- Otep
229. (northbound on) Cahuenga- Scarling
230. Never is a promise- Fiona Apple
231. Nervous breakdown- Black flag
232. Not a pretty girl- Ani Difranco
233. Nobody’s home- Avril Lavigne
234. Numb- Linkin Park
235. Neely Ohara- Bright eyes
236. Nice naïve and beautiful- Plumb
237. Not pretty enough- Kasey Chambers
238. Opheliac- Emilie Autumn
239. Ophelia- Natalie Merchant
240. Ordinary Day- Vanessa Carlton
241. One more addiction- Natalie Imbruglia
242. Overdrive- Katy Rose
243. Original skin- Katy Rose
244. oh injury- Rasputina
245. Perfect dream- Trapt
246. Pressure- Paramore
247. Pieces of me- Ashlee simpson
248. Pieces – Sum 41
249. Paint pastle princess- Silverchair
250. Percious things- Tori Amos
251. Perfect- Flyleaf
252. Perfect- Alanis Morresette
253. Plump- Hole
254. Posion girl- HIM
255. Pain – Jimmy eat world
256. Posters- Jack Johnson
257. Paper doll- Kittie
258. Portions for foxes- Rilo Kiley
259. Perfect (body remix) – Nip Tuck OST
260. Paper Bag- Fiona Apple
261. Paper Bag – Anna Nalick
262. Perect by Thursday- Kendall Payne
263. Penny Royal tea- Nirvana
264. Paranoid android- Radiohead
265. Queer- Garbage
266. Queen of hearts- The birthday Masscare
267. Reflection- Christina Aguleria
268. Repunzel- Emilie Autumn
269. Reason’s to be beautiful- Hole
270. Rumors- Lindsay Lohan
271. Razorblade- Bright eyes/blue October
272. Razorbladekiss- Him
273. red sam- flyleaf
274. Rockstar- Nickleback
275. Stapled to the mattress- Scarling
276. Stand in the rain- Superchick
277. Supermodel- Jill Soblue
278. Skeleton jar- Youth group
279. Silent all these years- Tori Amos
280. Strange little girl- Tori Amos
281. Sullen girl- Fiona Apple
282. Save you- Emilie Autumn
283. Swallow- Emilie Autumn
284. Show me the meaning of being lonely- Backstreet boys
285. She walked away- Barlow girl
286. Staying fat- Bloc party
287. String bean jean- Belle and Sabastian
288. She’s losing it- Belle and Sebastian
289. Standard lines- Dashboard confessional
290. Swiss army romance- Dashboard confessional
291. Sick of it all – Distillers
292. Someone I once knew- Dead celebrity status
293. Sweetest perfection- Depche mode
294. Slide- Ani Difranco
295. Superhero- Ani Difranco
296. Stricken- Distrubed
297. Say it right- Nelly Furtado
298. Sorrow- Flyleaf
299. Skinny- Filter
300. So like a rose- Garbage
301. Stupid girl- Garbage
302. Strawberry Gashes- Jack off Jill
303. Skin and bone- The kinks
304. Skin and bones- Marians Treanch
305. Starving- Geri Karlstorm
306. She’s falling apart- Lisa Loeb
307. She said- Brie Larson
308. She’s lost control- Joydivision
309. Suicide is painless- manic street preachers
310. Sophie- Eleanor McEvoy
311. Straight to video- Mindless self indulgence
312. She will be loved- Maroon 5
313. Sick little suicides- the matches
314. So damn beautiful- Nip tuck OST
315. Suffer for fashion- Of montreal
316. Shattered pieces- Otep
317. Superman’s dead- Our lady peace
318. Special K- Placebo
319. Special needs- Placebo
320. Scars- Paparoach
321. Spend so much time- Evanescence
322. Suicide trees- Otep
323. Sleepwalkers and whispering fingertips- Flyleaf
324. Scar- Missy Higgins
325. Send the pain below- Chevelle
326. Sick or sane- Senses fail
327. Something I can never have- Flyleaf
328. Screaming infideliets- Dashboard confessional
329. State of mind – Merril Brainbridge
330. Slept so long- Jay Gordon
331. Sinner- Drowning pool
332. Snow white queen- Evanescence
333. Talk show host- Radiohead
334. Two beds and a coffee machine- Savage Garden
335. Tunic (song for Karen) – Sounic youth
336. This is who we are- Hawthorne heighs
337. Tie her down- Senses fail
338. Through glass- Stone sour
339. The taste of ink- The used
340. The first tastes- Fiona Apple
341. The art of suicide- Emilie Autumn
342. The scientist- Coldplay
343. The brilliant dance- Dashboard confessional
344. The places you have come to fear the most- Dashboard confessional
345. The hunger- Distillers
346. This Bouquet- Ani Difranco
347. The prefect fit- The Dresden Dolls
348. The sound of white- Missy Higgins
349. This time around- Hanson
350. That day – Natalie Imbruglia
351. This town- Jack off Jill
352. These hands – Jewel
353. Take me away- Avril Lavigne
354. Things I’ll never say – Avril Lavigne
355. The ghost of you- My chemical Romance
356. The jetset life is gonna kill you- My chemical Romance
357. The prize of beauty – My dying bride
358. Teenage Angst- Placebo
359. Teaching myself to dream- Katy Rose
360. Travnylviania Concubine- Rasputina
361. The speed of pain- Marilyn Manson
362. The vaccine- Paper Mache
363. The red- Chevelle
364. This is who we are- Howthorne heights
365. Teenage suicide- Unwritten law
366. Tourniquet- Evanescence
367. This is how I disappear- My chemical Romance
368. Teenagers- My chemical romance
369. Tiny heart- Flyleaf
370. Ugly- Smashing Pumpkins
371. Unpretty- TLC
372. Until the end- Breaking Benjamin
373. Unwell- Matchbox 20
374. Unlike me- Kate Havenvik
375. Underjoy- Jack off Jill
376. Vivica- Jack off jill
377. Vanity- Deycfer down
378. Video kid- The birthday Masscare
379. would not come- Alanis Morissette
380. World on fire- Sarah Mclachan
381. Welcome to the black parade- My chemical Romance
382. Why can’t I- Liz Phair
383. We will become silhouettes- The postal service
384. Watching the rain- Katy Rose
385. White flag- Dido
386. When your gone- Garbage
387. Won’t ever be happy again- Bright eyes
388. Whatever (I had a dream) – Butthole surfers
389. Waterfalls- TLC
390. When it all falls apart – The veronicas
391. Whisper- Evanescence
392. Weight of the world- Evanescence
393. When I am queen- Jack off Jill
394. Witch hunt- Jack off Jill
395. Waltz moore- From first to last
396. What I’ve done- Linkin park
397. With you- Linkin park
398. Why do all girls think their fat- Reel big fish
399. walking with a ghosts- Tegan and Sara
400. well enough alone- Chevelle
401. wonder- Natalie Merchant
402. When I grow up - Garbage
403. world war me- From first to last
404. You make me thick- SNUF
405. Zero- Smashing Pumpkins
406. 3am – Matchbox 20
407. 4st 7lb- Manic street preachers
408. 32 flavors- Ani Difranco
409. #1 crush- Grabage
410. 8 easy steps- Alanis Morissette
411. 30 minutes- t.A.T.u
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