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I'm not gonna eat today, and I'm not gonna eat tomorrow... [entries|friends|calendar]
Songs for ED's

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Edith Backlund - Skinny [24 Jul 2010|10:47pm]

So sorry if anyone's posted this before! If so I'll delete my post. But here it is: Skinny by Edith Backlund :)
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[01 Mar 2009|08:57pm]

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help? [25 Mar 2008|12:17am]

[ mood | rushed ]

I remember reading posts and I saw that someone suggested a book. I'm at a bookstore right now and I forget the title or author of the book. I think it was something like "monkey games" and I really want to get it because they said it had to do with a girl who had and ED so if anyone knows the title and author please reply soon before my mom makes us leave. Ps I'm on my cell phone right now so please try to hurry! Thank you!

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Corinna Fugate [04 Mar 2008|09:14am]

Blood red braclet

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kate nash [26 Nov 2007|08:43pm]


i love her, her music's so catchy! haha
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Nine Inch Nails- Home [11 Nov 2007|12:00pm]

Even though its more than likely not about eating disorders it still has a haunting, hollow feeling to it.

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Song lists updated 11/7/07 [07 Nov 2007|10:24am]

As those of who are not new know I collect songs with mental illness and eating disorder refences in them I have an updated lists. It's not in alphibetical order as normal because I wanted to get to lists out there but chose what songs you want from the lists and I'll see what I can do for you. I know I didn't get back to some of you last time and I'm sorry for that but I've been having computer problems for serveal months and now that it's all settled I am able to start taking music requests again but only from the lists for the moment. So here is the lists of mental illness/eating disorder songs it's very long now and getting longer. Take your time to look through request and enjoy.

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A song...by CKY [04 Nov 2007|11:02am]

Dressed in Decay

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[29 Oct 2007|07:14pm]

Im bored and I thought: I still havent done a nice thing today, so...
ask for any ed-related song, and Ill upload it to sendspace and put the link here!
<3 niki
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Bright eyes [29 Oct 2007|02:26pm]

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[17 Sep 2007|12:40pm]

Die Cheerleader Die--Anorexic Nation

It's this grungy punk rock song with a female vocalist. I love it.

Damned if I eat and I'm damned if I don't. Society trys to shove a toothbrush down my throat. All the bulimics stand around the toilet united. Kate Moss gets all the boys excited!! **Daddy Daddy do you love me? I'm thin now don't you agree? Daddy DAddy won't you hold my hand? I just wanna be loved by a man** Why am I starving myself? Just so I can be someone else. Ten more pounds and I'll be lean. When I weigh 90 I'll be prom queen. **Chorus** look at what you started its an anorexic nation you can not escape from an anorexic nation.

The song's up on their page here.

It's a good song when I'm really angry.
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A song state of mind by Merril Bainbridge [01 May 2007|09:20pm]

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i'm sure this has been posted before, but... [25 Apr 2007|08:08pm]

<b>How did you find us?:</b> i've been on here for a while
<b>Songs/Artists you find thinspiring:</b> fiona apple, bright eyes, the postal service(great to run to), be your own pet(the best to run to!), tilly and the wall(makes me tapdance!)
<b>Pictures (optional):</b>

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[15 Apr 2007|10:20pm]

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[15 Apr 2007|02:16pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Sorry if this has been posted, but it's been helping me a lot lately.

Desaparecidos - What's New For FallCollapse )

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[19 Feb 2007|11:10pm]

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[07 Feb 2007|10:10pm]

Down in a rabbit hole - Bright eyes

I heard you fell into a rabbit hole
Covered yourself up in snow
Baby, tell me, where'd you go
For days and days?

Did they make you stay up all night?
Did they paint your face that pastey white?
You're thirsty but your appetite
Gets chased away

Sun turns us to stone
It's a cloudy day
But we still can't go home
I've been out that cellar door
Until we see the moon
We're invisible

No one ever takes the garbage out
A neighbor kid gets dared to touch the house
He runs back only to announce
"There's no one home"

Because we paint the foil with the flame
Smear the soda, taste butane
For every fear that can't be named
To calm you down

Your heart starts skipping steps
So you're farther gone
Than you might expect
If your thoughts should turn to death
Gotta stomp them out
Like a cigarette
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[13 Dec 2006|09:48pm]

Name: jen
Age: 20
Height: 5'1"
CW: 129.5
BMI: 24.2
STG: 110
LTG: 100
How did you find us?: searching through ed communities
Songs/Artists you find thinspiring: fiona apple!
Pictures (optional): none yet
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new here [04 Dec 2006|06:02pm]

Name: Siobhan
Age: 16
Height: 5'1.5
CW: 102
BMI: 19.3 :X
STG: 95
LTG: 83
How did you find us?: Searching.
Songs/Artists you find thinspiring: Patti Smith, & looking for some more.
Pictures (optional):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My lowest weight was 83lbs so i'm trying to get back down to there, and then some.
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[15 Sep 2006|03:59pm]


[Unknown LJ tag]

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